2023 Weather Ready Nation Ambassador of Excellence

The Village is proud to announce that the National Weather Service selected the Village of Huntley to be a 2023 Weather Ready Nation Ambassador of Excellence. The Village was one of 55 organizations selected from over 13,000 Weather Ready Nation Ambassadors throughout the United States to receive the award. 

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration & the National Weather Service, by serving as change agents and leaders in their communities, Ambassadors of Excellence have:

  • Inspired others to take action and become ready, responsive and resilient
  • Created innovative ways to engage their community, their workforce, and/or their social network
  • Formed unique collaborations with NOAA and/or other ambassador organizations to achieve goals they alone could not meet
  • Embraced building “a Weather-Ready Nation for All” by addressing vulnerable populations’ needs

Huntley was recently recognized as a Weather Ready Nation Ambassador in October 2022. Since then, the Village has conducted two severe weather presentations for the community, one at the Huntley Library and another at the Junior Citizen Police Academy. Additionally, the Village regularly creates presentations and social media campaigns throughout the year to promote weather safety and preparedness among its citizens. The Huntley Police Department has also established a weather preparedness website with a link to an emergency preparedness guide available for reference at any time.

Recently, the Village received certification as a Storm Ready Community in 2023, signifying our readiness to face weather hazards. This certification also highlights the ongoing efforts to ensure the community is prepared through various forms of public outreach. These efforts will continue to support the our community in developing and sustaining a Weather Ready Nation.

A Special Thank You from the Village
The Village is grateful to be bestowed with this recognition. It's a testament to the group effort put forth to advance our outreach initiatives. Our team's endeavors include, but are not limited to:

  • Crafting social media posts concerning weather updates, National Preparedness Month, and Severe Weather Preparedness Week
  • Issuing advisory messages via NIXLE
  • Conducting community presentations on severe weather preparedness
  • Performing a tornado tabletop exercise
  • Implementing an early warning system for sirens
  • Developing a family preparedness guide
  • Participating in the development of McHenry and Kane County natural hazard mitigation plans
  • Registering Village special events with National Weather Service Event Ready
  • Earning StormReady Community certification

These actions have contributed to our success and enabled us to earn this recognition. Most of all, we express our gratitude to our Village residents and businesses, who make this all possible through their support.