Parkway Tree Pruning Program Documents:
Tree Pruning Notice
Land Use Ordinance 155.032 Parkway Maintenance
Chapter 160: Protection and Preservation of Public Trees and Private Parkway Trees
Tree Preservation Ordinance
Tree Pruning Program Exhibit

Parkway Tree Pruning:
Pruning improves the health and appearance of trees, increases their lifespan, and ensures that parkways and roadways are free of obstructions for pedestrians and motorists. The Village of Huntley’s tree pruning program is shown on the program exhibit above. Once staff completes trimming in a neighborhood, those trees will not be pruned again until the next program rotation. Residents with concerns about a specific parkway tree in need of maintenance prior to the next scheduled trimming can contact the Public Works Department and an arborist will inspect the tree for needed maintenance.
During routine pruning, certified and trained staff go through a designated subdivision and prune parkway trees to a height that will allow traffic flow, including sufficient clearance for snow plows and garbage trucks, signs, bikes and pedestrians.

Parkway Tree Pruning Program Schedule:

Spring Parkway Tree Pruning is complete and will commence in the Fall.

If you have any questions or concerns please call the Public Works office at 847-515-5222

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