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Thank you for visiting the Huntley Family Gravesite Webpage.   The Village of Huntley and the Huntley Cemetery are proud to be home to our founding father Thomas Stillwell Huntley and
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Thomas Stillwell Huntley Contributions to Create the Village of Huntley

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Thomas Stillwell Huntley (1807-1894) Born in New York, he came to this area in 1846 with his wife and three children. He first settled on land to the north, but learning the railroad would come through south of his holdings he purchased 8o acres of land along the future rail line. He donated land for a town square park, three churches and the village cemetery, and established the Village of Huntley.

Eliza Fox Huntley (1808-1873) was the first wife of Thomas Stillwell Huntley.

William S. Huntley (1838-12/12/1852) was the son of Thomas Stillwell Huntley and Eliza Fox Huntley. He died at age 14 and is possibly the earliest burial in the cemetery.

Harriet Fox Huntley (1836-1876) was the only daughter of Thomas Stillwell Huntley. She married Horace B. Williams, and after his death entered into a second marriage to John Oakes.

Charles Clarence Huntley (1834-1883) was the eldest son of Thomas Stillwell Huntley.  Charles Huntley
He served as a Lieutenant in the 16 ILL Cavalry in the U.S. Civil War. He was taken prisoner of war in January, 1864 in Virginia and was imprisoned at the notorious Andersonville and Libby camps. Later, he started mail and pony express routes to Montana and the Dakotas. He sold his routes to the Wells Fargo Company. He was a wealthy man when he died at age 49 from long-term affects of his imprisonment.

 William H. Williams (1854-1882) (erroneously named William H. Huntley in cemetery records.) was the son of Harriet Huntley Williams and Horace B. Williams. Records indicate he was a West Point cadet in the 1870s.

A. E. Huntley (Annette Emma Brinkerhoff Huntley, also known as Emma, 1842-1882) was the second wife of Thomas Stillwell Huntley. They were married in 1876. She died following a three-month illness and left behind a four-year-old son, Thomas S. Huntley Jr.

Annette G. Huntley (1915-1920) was the young daughter of Thomas Huntley Jr.
TS Huntley Jr
Thomas Stillwell Huntley Jr. (1878-1924) was the youngest son of Thomas Stillwell
Huntley and   Annette Emma Brinkerhoff. He became a lawyer in Elgin, IL, and
was the father of Thomas Stillwell Huntley III.

Thomas Stillwell Huntley - Timeline
1807 — Born in Cortland County, New York
1830 — Married Eliza Fox
1834 — Son Charles born
1836 — Daughter Harriett born
1838 — Son William born
1846 — Father Daniel died; Emigrated from  New York to Northern Illinois
1850 — Elected first supervisor of Grafton Township
1851 — Platted Town of Huntley- donated land
1852 — A founder of First Congregational Church
1852 — Son William dies
1854 — Daughter Harriett’s son William Williams born
1856 — Built house at corner of Woodstock and Third Streets
1861 — Son Charles enlists -- Civil War
1873 — Wife Eliza dies
1876 — Marries Emma Brinkerhoff
1878 — Son Thomas Jr. born
1879 — Daughter Harriett dies
1882 — Harriett’s son William dies
1882 — Wife Emma dies
1883 — Son Charles dies
1894 — Thomas Huntley dies