Huntley Businesses Step Up

A Shout Out to Huntley Businesses Helping the Cause
Do you know of a Huntley business who has stepped up to help the cause during this pandemic? If so, tell us on Facebook or send us an email.

H.S. Crocker
A Canadian distillery has recently converted their business focus from manufacturing alcohol to producing sanitizer for the Canadian government; in this time of health crisis, the sanitizer will be distributed to the homeless community, retirement homes and healthcare workers. The owner of the Canadian distillery reached out to Huntley’s very own H.S. Crocker with a special request. Would H.S. Crocker be willing to produce the foil lids for the sanitizer bottles, free of charge?
Ron Giordano, CEO/Chairman, of H.S. Crocker swiftly rose to the challenge – because, as Ron stated, ‘‘we all have to do our part.” H.S. Crocker, considered an essential business because they provide printing and die cutting to the Food and Pharmaceutical industries, had already seen a tremendous increase in workload due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their involvement in pharma lid production and food lid production has doubled due to additional hospital needs as well as the recent increase in food purchases by consumers.

H.S. Crocker has quickly made the necessary adjustments to their line schedules to allow production of the 250,000 lids initially requested. Mr. Giordano explained that the request has already been increased to 1,000,000 lids, as the Canadian distillery turned sanitizer company works 24/7 to produce the much needed product.

Why is a local Huntley business donating materials and labor to a Canadian based business that will supply Canada with sanitizer? Simply because, in exchange, H.S. Crocker will receive cases of sanitizer which Ron intends to provide to local First Responders, healthcare facilities and homeless shelters. A big thanks to Ron and the entire team at H.S. Crocker, for stepping up to help the cause.