MDC Environmental Services Updates

For Households with COVID-19
MDC Environmental Services is requesting a change in recycling procedures ONLY FOR HOUSEHOLDS WHERE A MEMBER HAS TESTED POSITIVE FOR COVID-19 OR IS SHOWING SYMPTOMS.

In those cases, they ask that all of household's materials be bagged and thrown in the garbage, including those items that would normally be recyclable.

During the processing of the recyclables, there’s still a lot of physical contact between our workers and the materials. If someone in your household has COVID-19 or symptoms consistent with COVID-19, please help limit MDC employees' potential exposures as much as possible.

For more information or other questions, please see the MDC website or contact them directly.

Bulk Items
Effective Monday, May 11, MDC Environmental Services will resume collection of bulk items and cardboard boxes, etc. They state, "As an industry, we’ve learned a bit over the past several weeks and now believe we can resume this activity without additional risk to our employees."

If your household has accumulated a large number of bulk items, we ask that you place those items on the curb over the few weeks. This will allow the wastehaulers to collect things more efficiently and not be overwhelmed with items this Monday.

For more information or other questions, please see the MDC website or contact them directly.

Mailing Address

Effective November 30, the MDC Environmental Services address of PO Box 742695 Cincinnati, OH 45274-2695 was closed. If you sent your payment to this address, it will be returned to you.

In order to avoid having your future payments returned to you, please take a moment to update your online banking or accounts payable records to reflect the following new payment remittance address:

MDC Environmental Services
PO Box 535233
Pittsburgh, PA 115253-5233

If you should have any questions, please contact MDC Environmental Services at 815-568-7274.

New Recycling Options
Residents within the Village limits who are customers of MDC Environmental Services (excluding Sun City and apartments) now have the opportunity to recycle electronics on garbage day.  This program gives residents an option for more immediate removal of items directly from the residence.

Residents will need to contact MDC Environmental Services directly at 815-568-7274 to arrange the pickup and fees will apply.  More information on the program (including fees) is available on the Village website at