BASSET Training

Over service of alcohol can be a problem for both communities and liquor establishments. Over serving can lead to property destruction, bodily injury, civil liability and even loss of life. Responsible service can make your establishment safer and ensure the return of customers to your business. The Huntley Police Department offers the BASSET program to train and educate liquor licensees and their employees to serve alcohol in a responsible fashion.

Topics discussed in the class include:

  • How alcohol affects the body
  • Proper techniques in checking identification cards
  • Tips to prevent the over serving of alcohol 
  • Overview of state laws and Village ordinances that pertain to the selling and serving of alcohol

Saturday, November 2, 2019
8 am - 12 pm

Advanced registration and a $10 fee are required.  Only 20 students will be enrolled.


To  register or schedule a training, contact Sergeant Williams at 847-515-5331 or