Water Division

WATER PIC 2The Village of Huntley first installed a public water supply in 1903 with the completion of a shallow sand and gravel well. The Village expanded its use of the localized sand and gravel aquifer resource and by 1979 had drilled a total of six shallow public water supply wells. Due to the supply limitations and objectionable iron concentrations in the localized shallow sand and gravel deposits, the Village began incorporating high capacity deep wells in 1994 and became completely dependent on deep sandstone aquifers by 1999.  All six (6) shallow wells have been abandoned and as of now, the Village operates and maintains five (5) deep wells that pump groundwater to five (5) cation exchange water treatment plants that distribute water to 177 miles of water main and a combined 3.318 million gallons of elevated and ground water storage within one pressure zone. The distribution system contains approximately 2,200 fire hydrants and 4,616 valves.  Village staff utilizes a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System to monitor the supply, treatment, storage and distribution components of the Water Works System.   

Comprehensive Master Utility Plan was completed in 2015 and updated in 2022. The goal of the Plan is to provide planning to maintain sustainable cost-efficient Water Works and Wastewater Systems for current and projected water uses.  The Plan Update identified water supply requirements to keep pace with water demand and new Well No. 13 and Water Treatment Plant are in various phases of design and construction and are targeted to be on line by the summer of 2025.

Water Conservation

waterrestrictions_yellowTo promote public environmental awareness, good husbandry, good conservation practices and to preserve potable water supplies, the use of the Village’s potable water for outdoor water usages shall be limited in accordance with the Outside Watering Code.

A color-coded, four-tiered water conservation program was adopted to help residents quickly identify the status of our community water system. Signs are posted throughout the Village displaying the color and water restriction conditions.

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