Mosquito Abatement Program

mosquito abatement picThe Village of Huntley has contracted with Clarke, an environmental products and services company, for our mosquito abatement program.  The Village’s integrated approach to mosquito control is designed to reduce the population of both nuisance mosquitoes and mosquitoes that are potential carriers of diseases such as West Nile Virus (WNV). In turn, this program helps foster a healthy and comfortable atmosphere for community residents.

The Environmental Mosquito Management™ process is the core of the Village’s integrated pest management philosophy. This process places emphasis on surveying and mapping potential breeding sites, surveillance and monitoring of adult mosquito populations and the use of the Targeted Mosquito Management System™. This process emphasizes control of the mosquito larvae in their breeding sites to prevent the development of adult mosquitoes. The program begins with an aerial survey of the Village to map potential breeding sites – retention ponds, drainage ditches, wetlands or low areas that tend to hold water. Each site found is placed into a geographic information system (GIS) database allowing it to be located, sized to acreage and assigned a reference number. This serves as the foundation of the program.

The Village’s mosquito control program begins in May with the first of eight inspections of 175+ identified potential breeding areas. Inspections are performed by taking water samples or “dipping” at potential sites. All water samples are returned and identified in Clarke’s laboratory and this information is placed into the Targeted Mosquito Management System™. Historical data for each site is then added including sites actually producing larvae, time of season, frequency of larval occurrence, and species found at each site. Utilizing this current site information along with history data a field inspection and control is developed. Targeted sites, those with a history of breeding, are marked for intensive inspections and are inspected more often. These inspections and the treatment of sites found breeding mosquitoes will continue through September.

In a typical summer over 120+ total acres, or the area the size of 120 football fields, will be treated by backpack and helicopter within the Village helping to reduce nuisance mosquito populations and prevent the spread of West Nile Virus.

Additionally, the street side catch basins and inlets are treated in June with extended release tablets by staff under the direction of the Public Works to help reduce Culex mosquito breeding and therefore the risk of West Nile Virus in the underground water system.

Adult mosquito control is utilized based on increasing mosquito infection rates and where surveillance indicates potential for human risk to increase due to mosquito borne viruses or an increase in the density and distribution of mosquitoes in the area.

Simply go to the Clarke Customer Care Hotline website at to report standing water issues or high mosquito populations.  The “Mosquito Hotline” can also be reached toll-free at 800-942-2555.

Residents can sign up to recieve text or email notifications for adult mosquito control night spray applications at the Clarke Customer Care Hotline website at Select "REGISTER FOR SERVICE NOTIFICATIONS" at the bottom of the page.  Complete the information and create your own password, then select "SUBMIT".  Your location will be verified to see if the address is along an application route.  

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