Snow and Ice Control

Plow-TruckThe Village of Huntley Snow and Ice Control Plan is a planning document that establishes the framework to foster a high and consistent level of service with concentration on increased safety and mobility in a cost-effective, environmentally conscious manner during the winter season. A goal of the Village of Huntley transportation network is to facilitate the movement of vehicular traffic, persons and goods within the Village in a safe and environmentally acceptable manner. The movement of people takes place primarily via automobile travel and, to a lesser extent bicycle and pedestrian travel within the Village.  Throughout the winter season, Village Public Works personnel conduct a coordinated effort to provide continuous safe travel by keeping the Village transportation network clear of snow and ice. In that regard, snow and ice removal is considered emergency work in that transportation routes must be cleared at any time of the day or night to provide for the safe transportation of people and goods, especially emergency services such as rescue, police, and fire.

The snow and ice control planning process is highly complex due to the variable conditions encountered during each storm. Factors such as the rate and accumulation of snowfall, type of precipitation, temperature, time of day or night, wind direction and velocity, and the duration of the storm, all interact to create a unique aspect for each storm event with the result that no two storms are ever identical. Careful planning and preparation must be executed prior to and throughout the snow and ice season with two objectives:

  1.  Minimize the potential hazard to the traveling public associated with frost, snow and ice conditions
  2. Conduct snow and ice control operations in a consistent and cost-effective manner
To learn more, please view the Village of Huntley Snow & Ice Control documents below:

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