Sidewalk Repair & 50/50 Program

Sidewalk Repair & 50/50 Program

Sidewalk Repair Programsidewalk repair pic
The Public Works staff performs repairs and/or replacement of sidewalk meeting certain conditional safety criteria within the public right-of-way based on the amount of funds available. In general, a qualifying sidewalk is defined as a location where a trip hazard exists. A cosmetic deficiency alone is not a qualifying deficiency that warrants repair in this program. Public Works will evaluate the area in question and determine whether or not area can be repaired through grinding of the trip hazard or if the area warrants replacement of the sidewalk panel. If you know of any locations that should be evaluated, please contact the Department of Public Works and Engineering at 847-515-5222.

Sidewalk 50/50 Program
The sidewalk 50/50 program offers property owners the option to have a sidewalk replaced that would not otherwise meet the criteria for Village repair or replacement by splitting 50% of the cost with the Village. A cosmetic repair may qualify the 50/50 Program.  For details on the 50/50 sidewalk program please review the sidewalk repair form.