Stormwater Management & Purpose of Ponds

stormwater-photoThe purpose of the ponds constructed in subdivisions is for stormwater management. For the past several years, more and more emphasis has been placed on “multi-objective” use of stormwater management facilities. Water quality, variety of vegetation, erosion control and even wildlife habitat, along with recreation, have all become objectives of stormwater management facilities.

Did you know that?

  • When neighborhoods and subdivisions are officially accepted, stormwater management detention/retention ponds typically become the property of the homeowners association.
  • Private citizens are not allowed to landscape or place structures (such as benches) adjacent to these ponds.
  • The embankments of ponds are to be seeded with special plant material native to Illinois designed for little or no maintenance, erosion control and enhancement of water quality and aesthetics. (It is important for residents to understand that shallow rooted turf grass is inappropriate for stabilizing pond embankments and preventing erosion).
  • Pond embankments are to be mowed or maintained only by homeowners association contractors or in limited cases, Public Works personnel.
  • These ponds are a “passive” recreation feature. This means no boating, swimming, wading or ice-skating is allowed unless otherwise specified by the Village.
The Village of Huntley and its residents are all stakeholders in these amenities. By assigning ownership and maintenance of the stormwater management facilities, the Village’s objective is to preserve the long-term protection of health, safety, water quality, run-off control, and aesthetic value.

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