Public Works and Engineering Overview

The Public Works and Engineering Department is comprised of five divisions:


The Engineering Division is responsible for the review, planning, design and construction of the Village's infrastructure with the mission to preserve and enhance the quality of life for residents and business in the Village. The Village's infrastructure assigned to the Engineering Division generally includes, the roadway network, pedestrian multi-use paths, stormwater management facilities, and improvements to the utility network including potable water, wastewater and stormwater systems. Read more

Street Maintenance and Underground Utility
The Street Maintenance and Underground Utility Division is responsible for maintaining 132 centerline miles of streets and the corresponding right-of-way (ROW) throughout the Village. Street maintenance includes concrete curb & gutter and sidewalk repairs, pavement patching, pavement marking, and traffic control and street name sign maintenance. Read more

Utilities - Water and Wastewater
Public Water System:The Village operates and maintains five (5) deep wells that pump groundwater to five (5) water treatment plants that distribute water to 177 miles of water main and a combined 3.318 million gallons of elevated and ground water storage within one pressure zone. The system contains approximately 2,200 fire hydrants and 4,616 valves. Read more

Wastewater System: The Village operates and maintains two (2) wastewater treatment facilities (WWTF) and 13 collection system lift stations.  The East WWTF has a design capacity of 1.8 MGD and the West WWTF has a design capacity of 2.6 MGD. Read more

Buildings and Grounds
The Building and Grounds Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all municipal buildings and property around them and also assists with contract ROW maintenance, streetlight maintenance and downtown snow removal. Read more

Fleet Services 
The Fleet Services Division provides fleet maintenance services for all Village owned vehicles and equipment.  Currently this includes 78 vehicles and 46 pieces of heavy equipment, tractors, trailers, and mowers. ASE Master Certified mechanics provide a wide variety of services and repairs throughout the year. Read more


Public Works and Engineering

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