Parkway Tree Replacement Program


The Village of Huntley’s Tree Reimbursement Program provides up to $325 in funding assistance for Huntley residents to encourage the planting of trees throughout the public right-of-way in the Village.  Planting trees improves the environment, and it is a simple, cost effective way for residents to participate in the enhancement of their local neighborhoods while maintaining a healthy community of trees throughout the Village. 

Eligibility Requirements
All single-family, owner occupied residential lots/units within the Village with a clear parkway are eligible to participate for a maximum of one application per program year.  ONLY tree purchase and installation costs are eligible for reimbursement. General landscaping, irrigation systems, tree maintenance or tree removal costs are not eligible expenses.
Please note all installations must follow the Village Code (ARTICLE XIV TREE PRESERVATION AND LANDSCAPE ORDINANCES) and the location of the tree to be planted is solely at the discretion of the Village of Huntley.

Application Requirements
To receive reimbursement, the application must be filled out and sent in for approval between the months of March through October.  Please note that the proposed tree planting location needs to be approved by Village of Huntley staff before the tree planting work takes place. The homeowner may risk tree removal upon final inspection if location of the tree does not follow the Village Code. The approval process is as follows:
  1. Application received from program participant
  2. Application review by Village
  3. Village inspection of proposed tree planting location
  4. Village notice of approval to program participant
  5. Program participant will purchase and plant tree with vendor of choice
  6. Remit proof of payment of tree to the Village
  7. Village final inspection
  8. Reimbursement
Reimbursement Eligibility
Program participant may be eligible to be reimbursed 50% up to a certain dollar amount, depending on the size of the tree purchased. Reimbursement amounts are as follows:
  • If you plant a 2.5” caliper tree – the Village will reimburse 50% up to $185
  • If you plant a 3.0” caliper tree – the Village will reimburse 50% up to $225
  • If you plant a 4.0” caliper tree – the Village will reimburse 50% up to $325
It is the responsibility of the program participant to maintain the trees and coordinate with the vendor regarding any warranty and/or maintenance issues. 

Additional Questions
If you have questions or need additional information, please contact the Public Works Department at or 847-515-5222.