Prepare for Winter Driving

Officer HuntAt risk of sounding overused....WINTER IS COMING!!  Or depending on where you live, it may have already arrived.

Every year we prepare our homes for the cold but often we overlook the importance of our vehicles - a place where many of us spend way too much time every day.  The roads become a dangerous place when the snow begins to fall (just ask the reindeers about the incident with grandma.)  So here are some recommendations to prepare yourself and your vehicles for the roads this winter.


  • Tires that are properly inflated with good tread life will make driving in the winter much safer.
  • Make sure that your wipers are in good working order.  They should actually clean your windshield and not just move the dirt around.  Thoroughly scrape the windshield of ice and snow to extend the life of your wipers.
  • Basic vehicle maintenance is important year round but especially in the winter.  For example, if your coolant is only good to a temperature of -10 and it is now -15 outside, at best your vehicle will not start and at worst your engine block will crack.  This is just one of many examples.  Make sure you're up to date on your maintenance before a problem occurs.


  • Don't be in a rush on the road.  This could lead to you being the cause of an accident.  If you must travel during inclement weather, plan on leaving early and taking your time.
  • Don't allow yourself to be distracted by a cellphone.  It can wait until you get to your destination.  If its an emergency find a safe place to stop, like a parking lot.
  • According to IDOT there were 50 deaths in the McHenry/ Kane county area last year and 25% of those were weather related.  So don't forget to buckle up!

Follow these links to get more road safety tips form the National Safety Council and learn more about the dangers of worn out tires.

Make safe decisions and enjoy the holidays!


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