Medication Disposal

Drug Disposal for Safer Communities
The Huntley Police Department provides a drop-off location for the safe disposal of prescription medications. The Huntley Police Department partnered with CVS Pharmacy as part of their Drug Disposal for Safer Communities Program to place the medication disposal drop box inside the lobby of the Police Department.

The medication disposal box allows residents to bring their unused, expired and unwanted medications and drop them into a secure place where the police department will destroy them appropriately.  Medications can be dropped off at the Huntley Police Department, 10911 Main St, Monday through Friday from 8 am until 5 pm, excluding holidays.

Med Box InfographicMedications must be removed from all of the original packaging including the prescription bottles and dumped into a clear plastic zip lock bag for disposal. Only legally prescribed medications or over-the-counter medications in pill form will be accepted. The Huntley Police will verify the medication being deposited is pill form only, and removed from all packaging. Staff will not ask for any personal information or inquire as to the type of medication being disposed of.
The purpose of this program is to provide environmentally safe alternatives to disposing of medications in landfill or sewer systems. It also encourages residents to remove unwanted medications from their homes thus reducing the access to addictive medications for accidental or intentional misuse by children or others in the home.