Huntley Safety 1st

Huntley Safety 1st

Huntley Safety 1st is a monthly education series written by the staff of the Huntley Police Department. On the first of each month, we provide citizens with information on a different public safety related issue.

June 2020
Slow Down Through Neighborhoods
Warmer weather means more kids and other pedestrians and cyclists. Officer Prokuski reminds drivers to keep our neighborhoods safe for everyone.

May 2020
Lock it or Lose it
We have recently investigated several burglaries to motor vehicles during the overnight hours. Detective Rowe discusses ways to protect your property.

April 2020
Drop the Distractions and Drive
April is traditionally Distracted Driving Awareness Month, but the official campaign has been postponed this year as we deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Even without the official campaign, this remains an important safety issue for everyone on the road. Officer Eberle reminds us to drop the distractions and just drive.

March 2020
Recreational Cannabis Regulations
Recreational cannabis has been legalized in Illinois, but regulations do exist for the proper purchase, use and transportation of these products.  Officer Lanute provides an overview of some of these regulations.

February 2020
Teen Dating Violence Awareness
February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. Sgt Hooten provides advice for helping your teens set and communicate healthy relationship boundaries.

January 2020
Human Trafficking Awareness
January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month.  Sergeant Sullivan provides important information on one of the world's fastest growing criminal industries and our response to it.

December 2019
Celebrate Responsibly
December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month.  Officer Daley explains the scope of this issue and the steps we are taking to keep the roadways safe.

November 2019
Prepare for Winter Driving
With an early start to the winter weather season, it is important to be prepared before you hit the road.  Officer Hunt offers some tips to prepare yourself and your car.

October 2019
End Domestic Violence
October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Officer Racila reminds anyone dealing with this issue that you are not alone and help is available.  

September 2019
Fighting Back Against Heroin
August 31 was International Overdose Awareness Day. While an overdose can occur as a result of nearly any narcotic, opioids like heroin are the leading cause of drug related deaths in McHenry County. Detective Pishotta discusses signs of heroin use and ways to get help.

August 2019
Back to School Driving Reminders
Huntley schools are back in session on August 14.  Detective Kallantzes reminds drivers of rules of the road specific to School Zones and buses.

July 2019
Phone in One Hand, Ticket in the Other
Officer Coss discusses changes to the Illinois Distracted Driving law that go into effect July 1and reminds us why cracking down on this dangerous behavior is so important.

June 2019
Lock It or Lose It
Officer Cirks reminds residents of the simple steps they can take to reduce the risk of a vehicle break-in.

May 2019
Avoid Phone and Online Scams
Phone and computer scams are prevalent today, and a new one seems to crop up regularly. Sergeant Keane discusses the Tech Support Scam and provides tips to avoid becoming a victim.

April 2019
Distraction is Deadly
April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month.  Officer Heagney discusses Illinois law and how dangerous distracted driving can be for our communities.

March 2019
Spring into Preparedness
Sergeant Hewitt discusses steps you and your family should take to prepare for severe weather and tornadoes.

February 2019
See Flashing Lights - Move Over
Officer Keppler provides information on Scott's Law (also known as the Move Over Law). The law requires simple steps for drivers that can help everyone on the road get home safely.

January 2019
Don't Fall for the Scam
Telephone scams have become a prevalent form of fraud, particularly preying on our older community. Officer Choklad discusses how to spot scams and avoid being a victim. 

December 2018
Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over
December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month. Officer Griffith reminds us of the dangers of impaired driving asks that everyone celebrate responsibly this holiday season.

November 2018
Resources for Caregivers
November is National Family Caregivers Month. Providing care to a loved one is very important and very challenging. Sergeant Hooten discusses some resources available through the Huntley Police Department.

October 2018
Crime Prevention Starts with You
October is National Crime Prevention Month.  Officer Ingallinera offers some tips for residents to protect themselves and their property from crime.

September 2018
Child Passenger Safety Check Up
In September we observe National Child Passenger Safety week. Officer Juliano offers some check up tips and information on the Huntley Police Department Child Safety Seat Program.

August 2018
Watch for Kids and Buses
Huntley schools are back in session on August 15. Officer Dvorak asks all drivers to take a moment to brush up on rules of the road regarding school buses and school zones.

June 2018
Let's Have a Safe Summer
June signals the start of summer vacation for our students.  School Resource Officer Gregorio reminds parents and drivers of safety tips to help avoid pedestrian accidents.

May 2018
Keep Young Drivers Safe
May is Youth Traffic Safety Month and we are asking all parents to take some time to talk with the young drivers in their families about safe driving habits. Officer Miller offers some talking points to start this conversation.

April 2018
Fly Smart - Fly Safe
Recreational drones are becoming an increasingly popular hobby. If you have a drone or are considering getting one, take the time to educate yourself on the laws and safety requirements. Officer Rowlett provides some safety tips and resources to help you get started.

March 2018
Get a Good Deal, Not a Scam
Do you buy or sell items through services like Offer Up, Let Go, Craigslist, or Facebook? If so, please read some safety tips from Officer Fabis to make sure that you don't get scammed while trying to get a good deal.

February 2018 
Is it Love - or a Scam?
Are you looking for a Valentine, perhaps on a dating website or app?  While you can meet nice people, some scammers use these sites to con people out of money.  Officer Racila provides information on how to spot and prevent falling victim to a "sweetheart scam."

January 2018
Fight Back Against Credit Card Skimming
As you're reviewing your holiday spending, be sure to also take some time to look for suspicious activity in your financial accounts.  Officer Kummer discusses credit card skimmers and provides tips to protect yourself from this type of fraud.

December 2017
Protect Your Deliveries this Holiday Season
We all love the convenience of online shopping and home delivery especially during the busy holiday season.  Detective Pishotta offers some tips to make sure those deliveries stay safe.

November 2017
Get Prepared for Winter Travel
November in Winter Preparedness Month.  Officer Callahan reminds us that taking the time to prepare can help us all have safer travels this winter.

October 2017
Break the Cycle of Domestic Violence
October is national Domestic Violence Awareness month.  Detective Kallantzes provides information to those affected by DV. Most importantly, remember that you are not alone and we are here to help you.

September 2017
Disasters Don't Plan Ahead - But You Can!
September is National Preparedness Month and Sergeant Sullivan offers some advice to help you get started with your plans.

August 2017
Back to School Traffic Safety Lessons

School is back in session in Huntley on August 23.  Officer Sander provides a refresher on traffic rules and safety issues.

July 2017
Safety Tips to Enjoy the Ride
Summer is in full swing and many of you are enjoying bicycling through our lovely community. Officer Cory Coss provides some safety reminders for cyclists.

June 2017
Play it Safe with Online Gaming
Many kids enjoy online games over the summer.  Officer James Daley provides safety tips for parents.

May 2017
Motorcyle Safety is a 2-Way Street
May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and Officer Justin Harper provides tips for all vehicles to share the road safely.