Don't Fall for the Scam

Officer ChokladRecent estimates say that by 2019, nearly half of all cell phone calls will be from scammers. Scammers are con artists that excel at manipulating your emotions. They instill a sense of fear and urgency to persuade you into providing them with personal information. Here are a few of the more common scam calls people fall victim to locally:

IRS Scam Scammers will pose as an IRS agent and threaten legal action such as arrest unless you pay immediately. They pressure you into providing personal information which leads to identity theft. The IRS will never threaten you, or ask for payment over the phone.

Computer Technical Support Scam If someone calls you to fix your computer, it is a scam. Scammers often impersonate support staff from companies like Microsoft and pressure you into providing them with access to control your computer remotely. Never share access to your computer and never purchase anything from this type of caller. If you need technical support, do your research and contact a legitimate company yourself.

Gift Card Scam The scammer will usually pose as a family member in need or someone representing them, like an attorney. The scammer will try to convince you to obtain gift cards from a local retailer and provide them with the gift card number and PIN as payment. Once you provide this information, your money is gone. To avoid this, never make a payment to someone with a gift card. If anyone requests this, it is a scam. Hang up the phone.

Publisher’s Clearing House Scam The scammer will call or email saying you won a large cash prize from PCH. The scammer may request you pay taxes on your winnings, or make some other sort of payment in order to receive your prize. This is a scam. Please note: PCH does not call or email their big winners and you never have to pay to receive actual PCH winnings. You can always verify the legitimacy by contacting PCH directly.

If you receive a scam call, take these steps:

1. Hang up the phone. Even if you know it is a scam, do not speak with the caller. This will only show that your number is for an actual person, leading to more scam calls.
2. File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission online at or call 877-382-4357.


Remember, scammers prey on your emotions. They are very manipulative and persistent. Be aware, and don’t fall victim to these common scams. If you have any questions, please contact local law enforcement.

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