Domestic Violence Assistance

Early Intervention Breaks the Cycle of Domestic Violence

Domestic-violenceDomestic violence is a pattern of abusive behavior that occurs between family members or intimate partners. It takes many forms and can happen once in a while or all the time. It does not discriminate and may take the form of threats, physical attacks, rapes, or sexual assaults directed at the victim, the victim's children, family members, or property. It crosses ethnic, racial, age, national origin, religious, and socioeconomic lines.

It should never happen to anyone. Not ever. Not even once. Period. But it does. If you are a victim of domestic violence or afraid you may become a victim there is help. The Huntley Police Department will conduct follow-up visits with victims of domestic violence within 48 hours of the initial police call. Victims will be given resources available for obtaining orders of protection, counseling services, and area shelters to name a few. Victims are encouraged to contact county agencies to assist them in getting help and stopping the violence.

Questions regarding this program may be directed to Sgt. Scott Sullivan at 847-515-5336.

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Additional Resources

Turning Point
Woodstock, IL

Community Crisis Center
Elgin, IL
Mutual Ground
Aurora, IL
24 hr Hotline: 630-897-0080
Office: 630-897-0084

A Safe Place
Zion, IL
Marriage Counseling
Direct Counseling Inc.
Crystal Lake, IL: 815-459-0040
Woodstock, IL: 815-337-9030

Professional Consultations
Crystal Lake, IL
New Beginnings Counseling
McHenry, IL

Working Against a Violent Environment (WAVE)
Rockford, IL
Lodestone Center for Behavioral Health
Woodstock, IL and McHenry, IL

State and Federal Assistance  
Victim Crimes Assistance
Illinois Attorney General’s Office
National Domestic Violence Hotline