M/I Homes is approved to develop the ±82 acres located directly south of the Village Municipal Complex with 173 single family homes.  Access to the subdivision, referred to as Fieldstone, will be from L.J. Marak Drive to the north, with the main subdivision entrance being located along Huntley-Dundee Road on the south side of the property. A 30-foot landscape buffer will be between the single family lots that are adjacent to the Municipal Complex and Shepherd of the Prairie Church. A 35-foot landscape buffer will also be along Huntley-Dundee Road and Haligus Road. The existing overhead utility lines along the property’s Huntley-Dundee frontage will be buried as required by the Subdivision Ordinance. The lots will have a minimum lot area of 8,400 square feet with an average lot size of 10,465 square feet. The existing wetland areas at the northeast corner of the property will be preserved and will include an area of approximately 4.6 acres dedicated for stormwater management.  Additional areas for stormwater management would be located near the intersection of Ruth Road and Huntley-Dundee Road and adjacent to the subdivision’s primary entrance along Huntley-Dundee Road. 

The developer is proposing a park land donation and constructing the park to meet the required Park District donation requirements for the subdivision. The budget and plans for the public park and playground located on the ±3.45 acre Outlot F are preliminary and subject to approval by the Huntley Park District. The final park plans shall be required prior to Final Planned Unit Development approval.  As proposed, the park site will be constructed by M/I Homes as part of the second phase of development. A financing security will be held by the Village to ensure construction of the park site. 

With the approval of the Preliminary Plat of Subdivision and Preliminary Planned Unit Development, the Petitioner's next step is to submit a development application for a Final Plat of Subdivision and Final Planned Unit Development approval from the Plan Commission and Village Board.

april 14, 2022 AT 7:00 PM | VILLAGE BOARD MEETING