Planning & Zoning

In an effort to protect the public health, safety, and general welfare of residents and visitors, the Village of Huntley adopted the current Zoning Ordinance in 2009. The ordinance divides the village into zoning districts, restricting and regulating the location, erection, construction, reconstruction, alteration and use of buildings, structures and land use for residence, business, manufacturing and other specified uses. 

Every parcel of land within the Village limits has been classified within one of the zoning districts. Each spring the Village updates the Zoning Map to reflect changes that have occurred in the previous year. Any person planning construction on their property, or changing the land use, must adhere to the restrictions set forth in the Zoning Ordinance and receive approval from the Village before building permits or occupancy permits can be issued.

Chapter 156: Zoning Ordinance
2024 Zoning Map

150 Building Regulations
151 Comprehensive Plan
152 Flood Hazard Regulations 
155 Subdivision Regulations and Design Criteria
Approved Material List
XIII Sign Regulations
XIV Tree and Landscape Ordinance

Gateway Plan -  I-90/Route 47 
Gateway Plan - 12-11-17

Downtown Revitalization Planning Documents

Facade Improvement Assistance Program
2010 Downtown Revitalization Plan

Downtown TIF Plan
Huntley Downtown TIF Redevelopment Plan
TIF Interested Parties Notice - NW Herald
TIF Interested Parties Registration Form

Additional Land Planning Documents
Transit-Oriented Development Guidelines
Bike Path Map
Commercial Design Guidelines
Development Guide & Application
Simplified Residential Zoning Variation Guide

 *Important Notice Regarding Title 15 Links The links above lead to actual chapters found in Title 15.  Many Village ordinances have been approved subsequent to the latest printing of Title 15.  Therefore, anyone planning construction on their property, or changing the land use, must check with the Village early on in the planning process to be sure they are following the latest ordinances.  Also, certain residential and commercial developments are subject to additional regulations set forth in annexation agreements or other development regulations adopted by the Village as part of a Planned Unit Development.  Please contact the Village's Development Services Department if you have questions regarding ordinances that relate to your development.



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