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Online Permit Types

Many permit applications can be submitted online. View our permit list below to see which permits can be applied for online, what the different permit types mean and which one should be used for your project type.  Commercial new construction permits and event permits cannot be applied for online at this time. If you don't see your project type listed below or need parcel/address assistance please contact Development Services at 847-515-5252. You can apply for permits, upload documents and submit payments in the eSuite Permit Portal

BL-CIDER GROVE NEW SFR DETACHED New Construction single family homes for use by the Cider Grove Developers
BL-COM DET ACCESSORY STRUCTURE Commercial pergolas, gazebos and pavillions
BL-COMMERCIAL ADDITION Commercial exterior addition for existing owner or tenant
BL-COMMERCIAL ALTERATION Commercial interior or exterior modifications that are not a part of a remodel project. Use for façade improvements projects
BL-COMMERCIAL ANSUL SYSTEM Commercial ansul/hood and duct system
BL-COMMERCIAL CONVEYOR SYSTEM Commercial conveyor system and platforms
BL-COMMERCIAL DECK Commercial decks
BL-COMMERCIAL DEMOLITION Commercial whole building demolitions
BL-COMMERCIAL ELECTRICAL Commercial electrical modifications, new service and service upgrades
BL-COMMERCIAL ELEVATOR Commercial elevators, platform lifts, dumb waiters, etc.
BL-COMMERCIAL FENCE Commercial fencing
BL-COMMERCIAL FIRE ALARM Commercial fire alarm installations for new buildings and modifications, upgrades for existing buildings
BL-COMMERCIAL FIRE SPRINKLER Commercial fire sprinkler installations for new buildings and modifications, upgrades for existing buildings
BL-COMMERCIAL HVAC Commercial HVAC for new installations, modifications and RTU's
BL-COMMERCIAL OCCUPANCY ONLY Commercial occupancy for new tenants to move into an existing space where a building permit for work is not required
BL-COMMERCIAL PATIO Commercial patios
BL-COMMERCIAL PAVING Commercial paving for new parking lots, expansions and seal-coating and striping
BL-COMMERCIAL PLUMBING Commercial plumbing for new installations, modifications and upgrades
BL-COMMERCIAL RACKING SYSTEM Commercial racking installations or expansions
BL-COMMERCIAL REMODEL Commercial remodeling for existing owners or tenants 
BL-COMMERCIAL RESTORATION Commercial restoration for repairs due to damage from water, smoke and fire
BL-COMMERCIAL ROOF Commercial roof Replacements and repairs
BL-COMMERCIAL SIDEWALK Commercial sidewalks and walkways both private and public
BL-COMMERCIAL SIGN Commercial signage including wall, ground, monument, menu, directional
BL-COM SIGN - NOT FOR PROFIT Commercial temporary signs and banners for not-for-profit organizations
BL-COMMERCIAL SIGN-REAL ESTATE Commercial real estate signs
BL-COMMERCIAL SIGN-TEMPORARY Commercial temporary signs and banners
BL-COM SOLAR PANEL INSTALLATION Commercial solar panel installations both roof and ground mounted
BL-COMMERCIAL TENANT BUILDOUT Commercial TBO for new tenants remodeling in an existing space, or for the completion of a vanilla box in a new retail center
BL-COM CONST/SALES TRAILER Commercial construction and sales trailers
BL-RESIDENTIAL ADDITION Residential home additions including sunrooms, screened in porches/decks, and story additions
BL-RESIDENTIAL ALTERATION Residential alterations or improvements that are not a part of a remodel project. Examples include porch repairs, handrail installations, window well repairs and replacements, etc..
BL-RESIDENTIAL BASEMENT REMODEL Residential basement remodels and basement finishing
BL-RESIDENTIAL DECK Residential decks and decks for pools
BL-RESIDENTIAL DEMOLITION Residential whole house demolitions
BL-RES DET ACCESSORY STRUCTURE Residential detached accessory structures including pergolas, gazebos and pavillions
BL-RESIDENTIAL DRIVEWAY Residential driveways, replacements, expansions and side-drives
BL-RESIDENTIAL DRIVEWAY RIBBONS Residential driveway ribbons, in and out of the R.O.W
BL-RESIDENTIAL ELECTRICAL Residential electrical modifications, new service and service upgrades
BL-RESIDENTIAL ELEVATOR Residential elevators, platform and chair lifts
BL-RESIDENTIAL FENCE Residential fences, privacy screens and dog runs
BL-RESIDENTIAL FIREPLACE Residential fireplaces, gas and electric
BL-RESIDENTIAL GENERATOR Residential whole house generators
BL-RES HOT TUB Residential hot tubs and spas
BL-RESIDENTIAL HVAC, FURNACE, A/C Residential HVAC installations and modifications, furnace and a/c installation and replacements
BL-RESIDENTIAL IRRIGATION SYSTEM Residential irrigation systems in and out of the R.O.W
BL-RESIDENTIAL NEW MULTI-FAMILY Residential multi-family apartment buildings
BL-RESIDENTIAL NEW SINGLE ATTACH Residential single family townhomes and duplexes
BL-RESIDENTIAL NEW SINGLE FAMILY Residential single family detached homes
BL-RESIDENTIAL PATIO Residential patios and extensions
BL-RESIDENTIAL PLUMBING Residential plumbing installations and modifications
BL-RESIDENTIAL POOL Residential pools, in-ground, above ground and portable temporary
BL-RES RADON REDUCTION SYSTEM Residential radon reduction mitigation systems
BL-RESIDENTIAL REMODEL Residential remodeling, partial and whole house
BL-RESIDENTIAL RESTORATION Residential restoration for repair from damage due to water, smoke and fire
BL-RES SIDEWALK Residential sidewalks and walkways, private and public
BL-RES SOLAR PANEL INSTALLATION Residential solar panels, roof and ground mounted
BL-RES WATER HEATER Residential water heater installation and replacement
BL-TALAMORE NEW SFA ATTACHED New construction single family townhomes for use by the Talamore Developers
BL-TALAMORE NEW SFR DETACHED New construction single family homes for use by the Talamore Developers
BL-WATER METER Commercial and Residential water meter installations or replacements including irrigation meter installations

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