Fire Protection Permits

Fire Protection Permit Submittals

Permits are required for the installation of fire sprinklers, alarm systems, alarm panel replacements, ansul systems and kitchen hoods. Permits should be submitted digitally. We no longer require paper copies. The installer should be listed as the primary contractor on the permit. If an installer is not yet assigned a permit may be submitted by the designer however approval will not be granted until a registered contractor has been assigned and added to the permit.

The following information is required with all fire submittals:

  • Commercial Building Permit Application - List the number of sprinklers or devices on the application
  • Plans - must be stamped NICET level III or higher.
  • Data Sheets
  • Calculations
  • Contractor Registration application form - for new contractors
  • Current fire contractors license - for new contractors, or as needed for renewals
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance with the Village of Huntley as the certificate holder - for new contractors, or as needed for renewals
  • For fire alarm panel replacements only we need a scope of work and cut sheets for the new panel
Please contact Development Services at (847) 515-5252 for questions about how to submit your fire permit application and documents to us.

Outside Reviews

Some new construction, tenant build-outs and remodels will also require an outside review. We are authorized for direct submittals with FSCI but contact us prior to submitting a review with them. All reviews should be sent as a digital submittal first to us.  Do not send plans to FSCI right away. Our Fire Marshal will determine on a case by case basis if an outside review is needed and we will notify you. When a review through FSCI is needed, 3 complete paper sets are required. Approved plans will be sent back to the Village and a stamped copy will be provided to you after permit issuance. You can find information about submitting plans with FSCI here:


All permit related fire inspections are performed by the Huntley Fire Protection Bureau. Instructions will be provided on plan review approval letters but most fire inspections including hydros, alarm and ansul systems are scheduled with the Bureau at (847) 669-5066. A minimum of 48 hours is required for scheduling all fire inspections. Inspections must be scheduled on the individual fire permits, not on the main building permit. You must have your permit number when you call.

Development Services Department

Ph: 847-515-5252