e-permits FAQ

Online Permits FAQ

Before applying for a permit be sure to view the permit type list to ensure that you're selecting the appropriate permit(s) for your project. You can apply for permits, upload documents and submit payments in the eSuite Permit Portal.

Where do I apply for a permit online?

Which permit type do I select for my application?

Which permit application should I use?

I'm renting, can I apply for a permit?

I selected the wrong permit type. How do I change it?

How do I create a permit based on a parcel number?

I'm performing the work myself, do I need a contractor?

My contractor registration has expired, can I still apply for a permit?

I have multiple projects, can I list them all on one permit?

What types of projects count as alterations?

The old property owners' name is listed on my permit in the portal?

Can I pay for my permit online in advance?

My plans were not approved, how do I resubmit?

How long is my permit application valid?

How long is my issued building permit valid for?

My contractor has changed, what do I do?

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