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Below are highlights of most commonly requested ordinances.  For the complete Village of Huntley Code of Ordinances, please click here.

For residents under 17: Weekdays from 11:00pm to 6:00am. Fridays and Saturdays from Midnight to 6am.

Home improvement
Permits are required for many home improvement projects. Please check with the Village's Development Services Department before commencing work.

Hydrant flushing
Hydrants are flushed periodically to ensure good water quality and pressure. Residents will be provided with notice of flushing schedules which may affect water service in the area.

Garage sales
The Village does not require a permit to have a garage sale. However, garage sale signs are only allowed to be posted on private property.

Garbage pick up
The Village utilizes a single village-wide residential wastehauler (excluding apartments & Sun City). Pick up day is Monday and the Village-wide service is provided by MDC Environmental (Marengo Disposal).  Commercial entities must contract for services with a wastehauler licensed to do business in the Village.

Click here for more information.

Junk car ordinance
Vehicles must be operable. There is a time limit for removal. Please contact the Police Department for additional information.

Land Use Ordinance (Title XV)

Huntley’s Land Use Ordinance is covered under Tile XV of the Village’s Code of Ordinances. Please note: Many Village ordinances have been approved subsequent to the latest printing of Title XV.  Therefore, anyone planning construction on their property, or changing the land use, must check with the Village early on in the planning process to be sure they are following the latest ordinances.  Also, certain residential and commercial developments are subject to additional regulations set forth in annexation agreements or other development regulations adopted by the Village as part of a Planned Unit Development.  Please contact the Village's Planning and Zoning Department if you have questions regarding ordinances that relate to your development.  Link to Land Use Ordinances

Leaf burning
Although Huntley is included in two counties, the Village Board has adopted the regulations of the McHenry County Open Burning Ordinance to cover ALL property within the Village. Due to the relatively small size of residential lots in Huntley, leaf burning is now essentially illegal for the vast majority of homeowners within Village limits. Be sure and follow the leaf burning regulations that apply to you:
Huntley's Open Burning Ordinance- McHenry County
Huntley's Open Burning Ordinance- Kane County

Parking regulations
No parking is allowed on any Village street between the hours of 2am and 6am. Permission can be obtained for special circumstance by contacting the Police Department non-emergency number. Parking across public sidewalks is prohibited at all times.

Pet registration
The Village of Huntley does not require pet licensing. However, both Kane & McHenry Counties do require valid rabies tags for all dogs.

Ordinance governs the display of temporary and permanent signs. No signs are allowed in the right of way. Garage sale signs are permitted on private property only.

Snow removal
Parking of any vehicles on Village streets within 8 Hours of a snowfall of 2 inches or more is prohibited.

Vehicle stickers
Vehicle Stickers are not required in the Village of Huntley.

Water bills
Water bills can be paid by mail or in person at Village Hall.  Bills are sent bi-monthly. Payments may be made at Village Hall, by mail or by signing up for the auto debit plan to pay your bill automatically. Contact Village Hall at (847) 515-5200 for more information or download the Utility Billing Auto Debit Form. Residents can access an Online Payment Option through the Online Payment Program with a credit card.

Watering restrictions
The Village follows a color coded, four-tiered water conservation program (red, yellow, orange and green) to help residents quickly identify the status of our community water system. Signs are posted throughout the Village displaying the color and water restriction conditions. Hand watering is permitted for watering of flowers, plants, car washing, etc. For more information about the restrictions, contact Public Works at 847-515-5222.

To find out more information regarding the color-coded system:
Outside Watering Restriction Code

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